As a 501c3 nonprofit, Clocks in Motion is dedicated to enriching its growing community through a variety of creative projects centered in professional chamber music.

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Clocks in Motion

Mission Statement

In Albert Einstein’s book Relativity, he writes about an experiment which proves that the characteristics of any given object is changed depending upon the observer’s specific frame of reference. In this experiment, two synchronized clocks were placed in different environments. One clock remained stationary on Earth while the other clock was placed inside a high-speed jet which then orbited the earth multiple times. Upon returning to Earth, the two clocks were no longer synchronized.

The clocks in motion experiment thus proved that all measurable data can be altered depending upon the vantage point of the observer. Just like the out of phase clocks in Einstein’s experiment, the percussion ensemble, Clocks in Motion, performs classic pieces by Steve Reich, John Cage, and Iannis Xenakis that feature small changes in rhythmic and musical material.

Furthermore, Clocks in Motion believes that each audience member has their own unique vantage point and therefore has the power to shape and even change the overall meaning of a musical performance. Music, like time, is not absolute, and the flexible nature of these elements should be acknowledged and celebrated. Celebrating this ever-changing contemporary music landscape through time is at the core of Clocks in Motion’s artistic vision.

Clocks in Motion is a percussion ensemble dedicated to performing contemporary chamber music, commissioning new repertoire, and educating audiences about modern music. Presenting both classic and new percussion repertoire in traditional and non-traditional performance spaces, Clocks in Motion promotes acceptance, knowledge, relevance, and longevity of contemporary art music for percussionists, composers, and the artistic community at large.