Selected Repertoire

* indicates piece was commissioned by Clocks in Motion

Adams, John Luther – Earth and the Great Weather
Adams, John Luther – Inuksuit
Andriessen, Louis – Hoketus
Andriessen, Louis – Workers Union
Aperghis, Georges – Kryptogramma
Axelrod, Lawrence – Emeq*
Bellor, Jennifer – Of Maker and Movement*
Berkhout, Bejorn – Glitz!
Bradfish, Beth – T for solo percussion and electronics
Cage, John – Credo in US
Cage, John – First Construction (in metal)
Cage, John – Quartet for 12 Tom-Toms
Cage, John – Second Construction
Cage, John – Third Construction
Coley, Matthew – Pelagic Winter Wanderings*
Colson, David – RISE (for solo piano and four percussion)
CreÅ£u,, Sergiu arr. Valeriu Luţă, arr. Matthew Coley – Fantezie 
Crumb, George – Music for a Summer Evening
Davis, Ben – Day*
Davis, Ben – Night*
Diedrich, Joseph – Saturation*
Donatoni, Franco – Darkness
Donatoni, Franco – Mari II
Gibbens, John Jeffrey – Allhallows*
Harrison, Lou – Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra
Hulse, Brian – Widget*
Johnson, Timothy Ernest – RITUAL, DANCE, SPIRIT*
Kleve, Sean – THE COLLECTORS SET in collaboration with Jeannine Shinoda*
Koppel, Anders – Mechanical Ballet
Koykkar, Joseph – Time in Transcendence*
Lanman, Anthony – Automaton*
Lansky, Paul – Threads
Lott, Ryan (Son Lux) – REM* in collaboration with the Traverse City Dance Project
Mellits, Marc – Gravity*
Reich, Steve – Drumming
Reich, Steve – Four Organs
Reich, Steve – Mallet Quartet
Reich, Steve – Music for Pieces of Wood
Reich, Steve – Sextet
Rindfleisch, Andrew – Atomic Atomic*
Rindfleisch, Andrew – Chroma*
Rindfleisch, Andrew – Simple Song*
Santoro, Filippo – Duplum*
Schwendinger, Laura – Aviary*
Silverman, Adam – Spiderweb Lead
Start, Elizabeth J. – Spoiler: 5 Disruptive Vignettes*
Tenney, James – Crystal Canon for Four Snare Drums
Varese, Edgar – Ionisation
Vinao, Alejandro – Estudios de Frontera
Welch, Matthew – The Sound of the Waves Against the Castle of Duntroon*
Welch, Matthew – Lagu Campur Dua
Welch, Matthew – Loch Fyne Variations
Welch, Matthew – Marimbaireichd
Xenakis, Iannis – Persephassa
Xenakis, Iannis – Pleiades
Xenakis, Iannis – Okho
Wuorinen, Charles – Percussion Quartet